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Bestselling author of well-crafted lesbian fiction.
Current-day topics splashed across a background of action-adventure, mystery, and romance.

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Misty Forest Reflection

Work In Progress

Secrets of the River

Renn Ducot spent three years scouring every inch of the Turk River, searching for the person that destroyed her life. Returning to her remote river cabin one evening, she caught a flash of red.


Renn glided the boat toward the rocky bank until she was close enough to see a swatch of cloth. Unholstering her pistol, she moved closer, aghast at what she saw trapped in a jumble of old timber. The woman was unconscious, badly beaten, and near death. Though Renn did not want this complication in her life, she had sworn an oath.


Days later, Renn would realize that she didn’t have to hunt for the evil that ruined her life. It had come to her doorstep. Sergeant Catherine Leon agrees to help Renn but, in the process, teaches Renn that vengeance will only scar her heart more. In the end, it is love that releases her from her sorrow.

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Morgan's Books


The Crying Chair

The Crying Chair 3D Cover.png

Action/adventure romance about overcoming obstacles & second-chance love. 

Book 3 of the Charleston Series

In Book III of the Charleston Series, bestselling lesbian author Morgan Elliot spins a mystery with multiple twists and turns. Kylie Rosewater fought hard to pull herself from poverty into the world of important people and exciting society. A junior partner in a prestigious Charleston law firm, she's offered a partnership, something she hadn’t expected for another three years. Everything was going great in Kylie’s world until the unseen finger of fate tugged the thin thread and everything began to unravel. She began having strange nightmares and bouts of nausea with dizziness. Chalking it up to exhaustion, she ignored the symptoms until events pointed the way to her tumultuous past.

Seeking the help of a therapist, she began to explore childhood traumas, but the appearance of a stranger threatened to derail her progress. Would those devastating events from her past be resolved, or would they put her life in danger before she can let herself love again?

The Crying Chair is a haunting, unforgettable story of loss and resilience. It is a necessary book about finding the courage to overcome the past and find light in the darkest night. It speaks volumes about the constant that has the power to change lives—courage and love.

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