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Destiny's Women NEW RELEASE

A collection of dynamic sapphic short-stories.

Destiny’s Women is a multi-genre compilation of seven sapphic short stories that will remind you that the choices we make are the ultimate force in shaping our destinies, and the actions we take can lead us to the most unexpected outcomes. In this remarkable collection, you’ll be drawn into the lives of women whose choices outline the course of their lives and lead them on unforgettable journeys as they navigate the complexities and consequences of their decisions, redefining what it means to be true to oneself.


Each story is a miniature universe unto itself, offering a unique narrative experience from tales of adventure, paranormal mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Whether you seek thrilling escapades or profound insights, these stories have something to offer for a wide range of literary tastes.

Discover how the women of Destiny’s Women are bound by a common thread… their
unwavering pursuit of personal growth and self-discovery.

AZARA - Fantasy/Contemporary

ANTONIA - Action-Adventure/Historical Fiction

LIZZIE - Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure

DANI & ARIA - Paranormal/Mystery

HALLE - Romance/Slow Burn

TESS - Romance/Age-Gap

EVAN - Romance/Second-Chance

5 stars_edited.png

In Destiny’s Women Morgan Elliot uses multiple genres to remind us that love is the ultimate fore shaping our destinies. Whether you prefer to escape into fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, paranormal or romance, there is something for everyone served up with plenty of sapphic spice.  You might unexpectedly enjoy a genre you don’t normally read. This collection of short stories ends with an unforgettable and poignant two-part second chance romance. Sit back and let yourself be transported. You will enjoy the ride.”

– Patricia Grayhall, author

5 stars_edited.png

“I read your stories and enjoyed them very much. I especially liked the unexpected ending of the story, Evan.” – K.C. Luck, author

5 stars_edited.png

“I read an advance copy of Morgan Elliot’s  Destiny’s Women, a collection of Lesbian Short Stories. I really appreciated how Morgan experimented with different genres.  She is such a fabulous writer and an exquisite wordsmith. Even if you usually prefer one genre, each story is captivating and beautifully written, a tribute to her diversity as a writer.”   

5 stars_edited.png

“Morgan’s new book, Destiny’s Women, a collection of stories about remarkable women who defy obstacles to forge their own destinies is amazing.  Using different genres to showcase the stories is a testament to Morgan’s adaptability as a storyteller.”

5 stars_edited.png

“Morgan Elliot has created a wonderful collection of complex and powerful women. Morgan’s flexibility as an author is on display as her stories take the reader from historical to fantasy to paranormal and romance settings – seven different worlds with seven different pairs of powerful women. The characters are so engaging. It is easy to experience their adventures, victories, and happy ever after.” 

Red Rose

The Crying Chair (2022)  

#1 Amazon Release.png

An action/adventure romance about overcoming obstacles and second-chance love. 

Book 3 of the Charleston Series


In Book III of the Charleston Series, bestselling lesbian author Morgan Elliot spins a mystery with multiple twists and turns. Kylie Rosewater fought hard to pull herself from poverty into the world of important people and exciting society. A junior partner in a prestigious Charleston law firm, she's offered a partnership, something she hadn’t expected for another three years. Everything was going great in Kylie’s world until the unseen finger of fate tugged the thin thread and everything began to unravel. She began having strange nightmares and bouts of nausea with dizziness. Chalking it up to exhaustion, she ignored the symptoms until events pointed the way to her tumultuous past.

Seeking the help of a therapist, she began to explore childhood traumas, but the appearance of a stranger threatened to derail her progress. Would those devastating events from her past be resolved, or would they put her life in danger before she can let herself love again?

The Crying Chair is a haunting, unforgettable story of loss and resilience. It is a necessary book about finding the courage to overcome the past and find light in the darkest night. It speaks volumes about the constant that has the power to change lives—courage and love.

The Crying Chair won a 2023 Firebird Book Award in LGBT fiction and received second place for Book Cover Design. It was also an Amazon #1 New Release.

The Crying Chair 3D NEW.png
5 stars_edited.png

"Morgan Elliott's characters are engaging and complex, the stories exciting and just a great way to escape the difficulties of life knowing that the bad guys will always lose and love will always win. Great read!"

5 stars_edited.png

"This is one of the best books I've ever read. I've enjoyed reading, and I love the way you blend your story lines together."

Paint Brushes

A lesbian age-gap romance filled

with action and adventure.

#1 Amazon Release.png

Stroke of the Brush (2021)  

When Riley Raynor, a 50-year-old eye surgeon, is smitten with the painting of a dancer, it sets in motion a deeply intimate journey across three countries in search of the one thing missing in her life. Ana, a quirky mother figure and best friend, who hilariously drives Riley to the brink of insanity, is devoted and true-blue.


Young, hip Sara turns Riley upside down and inside out, challenging her views of age-gap relationships. Quinn, the mysterious artist, who painted the portrait of the dancer that hangs in Riley’s bedroom, brings an entirely new and unexpected challenge.


Riley is faced with tough, heartbreaking choices she will have to live with for the rest of her life. Follow these characters in this engaging, witty, adventurous book. They will have you laughing out loud, crying tears of joy and sorrow, and cheering for the love that was meant to be.

Stroke of the Brush 3D NEW.png
5 stars_edited.png

"Gentle, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching at times. A beautiful and unique story that kept me engaged and found myself wanting it to continue. All the characters are charming and unique, and the humor made me stop several times because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see. A great read at any time."

5 stars_edited.png

"This author has the innate ability to suck you into her stories. As a visual reader, I had no problems watching the movie as the book unfolded in my head, five stars and I highly recommend it."


Love happens while fighting for justice

When intellectual property attorney Savi Lahiri agreed to take on a bitter legal case between rival bio-engineering companies, she had no idea that she would be putting her life and that of her nerdy sidekick, Dr. Claire Parsons, at risk. Claire convinces Savi to retain Dr. Maddie Mercer, a brilliant Artificial Intelligence scientist to join the trial team.
During their first meeting, Savi and Maddie quickly gravitate to one another and amid a complex investigation, find themselves giving in to the overwhelming attraction they feel.
The three women delve into the world of artificial intelligence which leads them to a multi-layered diabolical scheme crafted by a cunning unidentified sociopath.

A fast-paced action/adventure romance

in the world of artificial intelligence.

Book 2 of the Charleston Series

Becoming Savvy 3D NEW.png

Becoming Savvy (2021)  

#1 Amazon Release.png
5 stars_edited.png

"Morgan Elliot writes wonderful mysteries entwined with beautiful love stories.  A really great story with twists and turns and a HEA. This author is consistent in her quality of writing and the complexity of the storyline. I highly recommend not only this book but her others as well."

5 stars_edited.png

"A page-turner from start to finish. I loved the characters and the love story. I can’t wait for the author’s next book."

haunted house.png

A haunting story of love and justice.

Renowned cold case investigator and author Natalie Daye is torn from her home in sunny Charleston, South Carolina by whacky stipulations in her eccentric aunt’s will, including making her endure a frigid winter in upstate New York.


On her way to her aunt’s lake house, a drunk driver runs her into a snow-covered gully, leaving her cold, angry, and stranded. Just as Natalie gives up hope of rescue, a mysterious woman named Michelle appears, offering to pull her out. Natalie has no idea this is the beginning of the strange events that would challenge all her investigative skills.


After a few days at her aunt’s Victorian house, Natalie is plagued with dreams and visions that lead her to believe she's losing her grip on reality until once again, the mysterious Michelle comes to her rescue.

A sweet WLW paranormal mystery-romance that takes place in an old Victorian house.

In Book 1 of the Charleston Series

Night and Daye (2020)  

Night and Daye 3D NEW.png
5 stars_edited.png

 "I have to say, Morgan is right up there with Erin Wade. What a great read, I couldn't put the book down. The characters are great, the story has me on the edge of my seat. It was well worth losing sleep over, and I look forward to the next book Morgan comes out with. I highly recommend ya read this book."

5 stars_edited.png

"This is such a great book with lots of twists and turns. I loved all the ways it made me want to know what was going to happen next. The end was such a surprise, and I wasn't ready for it to end. I look forward to reading more books from Morgan. Excellent read."

Drug Trafficking.png

Never Speak of Tomorrow (2020)  


A highly charged story about drug smugglers and the DEA agents who hunt them.

Never Speak of Tomorrow 3D NEW.png

Assigned to the Peruvian Task Force, gorgeous undercover DEA agent Keaton Springfield deals with wicked, ruthless people who prey on humankind in the most despicable ways. To do her job she's locked her heart away to protect herself from the devastation she witnesses daily.


Her investigation leads her to altruistic Professor Remi Navarro, and everything changes. Sparks fly and their hearts know they must have been acquainted long before meeting. Then one phone call hurls them into the abyss. Remi returns to the States for a family emergency, and upon her return to Peru, her plane crashes deep in the Colombian mountains.


To fulfill the family’s wishes to retrieve their daughter’s body, Keaton enlists the help of her sultry friend and former lover Carmen Tacona. What they find is shocking and leads them on an odyssey of epic proportions.

5 stars_edited.png

"A book I could not stop reading and wanting more at the end. This book was full of excitement, romance, and not knowing how it would end but not at all disappointed. This is deserving of 10 stars. I will definitely read this one again."

5 stars_edited.png

"I never wanted the book to end. There are love stories, plenty of DEA agents chasing drug runners & human trafficking in South America. The book moves along at a very fast pace, you don't want to put it down."


Kidnapped Hearts (2020)  


International intrigue and danger mix with deep attraction and romance.

When beautiful Jules Law of Intelligent Security Services made Sophie Martini an offer to save her ranch from pending foreclosure, Sophie was hesitant to accept due to the danger that accompanied Jule’s multi-million-dollar offer. It boiled down to hiding a dangerous woman struggling with PTSD from criminals or losing her ranch.


Sophia called on her gorgeous niece, forensic psychologist, Alex Martini to help make the decision. The attraction between Jules and Alex was instantaneous but could it grow into something stronger in a world of subterfuge and deceit where the players constantly changed characters?


For the first time, Erin Wade joins Morgan Elliot to co-author a dynamite love story wrapped in action and adventure. A new adventure in LesFic.

Kidnapped Hearts 3D NEW.png
5 stars_edited.png

"I'm In the middle of this read, and it is awesome. I don't want it to end. The best of Wade and I'm loving the collaboration with Morgan Elliot. This story is full of interesting characters the danger keeps mounting, the angst of the lovers and the mystery surrounding the victim is just delicious."

5 stars_edited.png

"What a good, good book! It’s so cool to read a LesFic 'romance' book that’s a well-written mystery. Great, believable, deep characters; a plot with plenty of subterfuge, mystery, passion, and love."

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