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Destiny's Women is NOW ON SALE!

“A woman is free if she lives by her own standards and creates her own destiny putting no boundaries on her hopes for tomorrow.”

– Mary McLeod Bethune

Destiny's Women by Morgan Elliot


Destiny’s Women is a captivating multi-genre collection of sapphic stories which explores the profound impact of choices and decisions, and how they shape the lives and destinies of its heroines. Within the pages of this remarkable collection, you will meet a diverse cast of seven women whose lives are touched by the hand of destiny.

Each story transports you to a unique time and place where choice takes center stage. Hearts collide, passions ignite, and destinies intertwine in tales that are heartfelt, insightful, thought-provoking, and undeniably romantic and adventurous.

Destiny’s Women will leave you breathless as you follow these remarkable women. Each tale, whether a contemporary fantasy, Sci-fi, adventure, paranormal, or romance, is a testament to the power of choice, the resilience of the human spirit, and a reminder that no matter the odds, the character is the creator of her own destiny.

Indulge in these unforgettable stories, and let your heart be swept away by the irresistible pull of destiny and love.

Paperback and ebooks available on Amazon now!


AZARA - Fantasy/Contemporary

Azara is a woman who suffers a tragic accident and who, inexplicably, starts having vivid dream experiences. She encounters a powerful and mysterious queen from a mystic dream realm. Her dreams plunge her into a new world, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy as she grapples with her newfound connection to this regal figure. As Azara’s ordinary life becomes intertwined with the mythical dream realm, she embarks on a transformative journey that never quite leaves her.

ANTONIA - Action-Adventure/Historical Fiction

In the rugged backdrop of the 1860’s frontier, Antonia, a fierce and enigmatic woman, bears two closely guarded secrets that could shatter her life if uncovered. As she navigates the treacherous terrain of the Wild West, she forms an unlikely bond with the charming sister of a corrupt lawman. Her thirst for justice becomes a symbol of hope for the oppressed, but brings danger and destruction that will test the limits of her courage and the power of love.

LIZZIE - Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure

In this thrilling Time-Traveling adventure, Lizzie, a pioneering scientist, experiences a remarkable twist in time when she lands in feudal Japan and meets a fierce female Samurai. Their chance encounter ignites an unexpected connection, transcending centuries and cultures, capturing Lizzie’s heart like no other. After returning to her own time, Lizzie can’t help but feel empty and wishes with all her heart that she might meet her Samurai once again.

DANI & ARIA - Paranormal/Mystery

In the moonlit embrace of an old, haunted hacienda, Aria and Dani’s love story unfolds. The hacienda has a chilling history of a decade’s-old tragic love story. In the eerie embrace of the hacienda, where the lingering spirits of the two star-crossed lovers continue to haunt the living, Aria and Dani find themselves drawn into a world where the boundary between the living and the dead blurs. They must unite to uncover the truth in order to find the peace the spirits desperately seek.

HALLE - Romance/Slow Burn

Halle is a middle-aged, reserved woman who unexpectedly inherits a vast estate in Spain from a complete stranger. This unexpected windfall shakes her up, forcing her to choose between her ordered life and a world she never imagined. Halle meets Ivy, a skilled attorney assigned to guide her through the inheritance process. The attraction between them is immediate and adds a new layer of complexity to Halle’s dilemma as she discovers not only the secrets of her newfound inheritance, but also the depths of her own heart.

TESS - Romance/Age-Gap

Tess has carried the weight of unresolved emotions for three long decades, her heart firmly rooted in the past. As years went by, Tess watched from a distance as her young lover’s life unfolded, but never reached out to her, afraid of rejection. Finally, a dear friend, who understood the turmoil that had been eating away at Tess, told her that she could not keep living like this. Tess’ decision to contact the woman she loves marks a significant moment in her life, which could lead to resolution, closure, or perhaps the beginning of something new.

EVAN - Romance/Second-Chance

Evan’s story is a second-chance romance which switches back and forth between a young Evan and her older self as she thinks about her life and the woman who made her heart flutter for the first time. As a young graduate student, she experienced an unforgettable summer romance which began with sun-kissed days and endless possibilities. The lovers’ connection deepened as they explored the sea’s inlets and marsh lands, shared their dreams, and created memories that seemed timeless, but could it survive circumstances that threatened to dim their bright future?



In Destiny’s Women Morgan Elliot uses multiple genres to remind us that love is the ultimate fore shaping our destinies. Whether you prefer to escape into fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, paranormal or romance, there is something for everyone served up with plenty of sapphic spice. You might unexpectedly enjoy a genre you don’t normally read. This collection of short stories ends with an unforgettable and poignant two-part second chance romance. Sit back and let yourself be transported. You will enjoy the ride.” – Patricia Grayhall, author

“I read your stories and enjoyed them very much. I especially liked the unexpected ending of the story, Evan.” – K.C. Luck, author

“Morgan Elliot has created a wonderful collection of complex and powerful women. Morgan’s flexibility as an author is on display as her stories take the reader from historical to fantasy to paranormal and romance settings – seven different worlds with seven different pairs of powerful women. The characters are so engaging. It is easy to experience their adventures, victories, and happy ever after.” – Mayra Luria, reader

“Morgan’s new book, Destiny’s Women, a collection of stories about remarkable women who defy obstacles to forge their own destinies is amazing. Using different genres to showcase the stories is a testament to Morgan’s adaptability as a storyteller.” – Angela Jost, reader

“I read an advance copy of Morgan Elliot’s Destiny’s Women, a collection of Lesbian Short Stories. I really appreciated how Morgan experimented with different genres. She is such a fabulous writer and an exquisite wordsmith. Even if you usually prefer one genre, each story is captivating and beautifully written, a tribute to her diversity as a writer.” – Carol H., reader


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